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Dried Whole Baby Bananas

$6.99 $8.00

Discover the tropical flavor of Baby Bananas!

A sweeter and smaller banana! Baby Bananas have a delicious banana flavor but just an extra natural sweetness you will love!

Our snacks are made from Premium fresh fruit, naturally ripened and handpicked to meet every Quality standard, and ultimately dehydrated. Our dehydration process is set at low temperatures in order to preserve our fruits nutrients and enhance flavor

How to eat?

Well, anytime and anywhere! In the middle of the road, on a plane, at breakfast or post workout, it’s up to you. Delicious alone or combined! You can cut it in pieces and add to your granola or favorite bowl

We care about what’s inside!

We promise to always keep our snacks 100% Real! No added sugar, coloring or preservatives. Just Fruit! You can check our ingredient lists any time just to be sure.

Ethically handmade snacks.

Our Snacks are made in Ecuador, the most tropical place on earth! Behind every snack, there are amazing Friendly workers who put the hearts and knowledge in every process to ensure that you will enjoy every single bite. Each one of them are thankful and proud to be part of this project and to share our amazing goods with the world.


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