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100% Natural Cacao Nibs

$6.99 $9.00

Cacao is known for being a SUPERFOOD and we know why! It’s packed with antioxidants and many nutrients perfect for a healthy lifestyle. Plus, Ecuadorian cacao is one of the best in the world and used by chocolate makers all around the world. If you are a dark chocolate lover but like to keep a healthy lifestyle, you have found your soulmate!


How to eat?

Just add directly to smoothies, drinks, ice cream, recipes, granola, frozen yogurt, etc., for a chocolatey taste and enjoy the nutrition that cacao gives to you.


We care about what’s inside!

100% Real. No added sugar, coloring or preservatives.

Ethically handmade snacks.

Our Organic Cacao is harvested in Ecuador, the most tropical place on earth! Behind every snack, there are amazing Friendly workers who put the hearts and knowledge in every process to ensure that you will enjoy every single bite. Each one of them are thankful and proud to be part of this new project; to share our amazing goods with the world.


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