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T H I S    I S    H O W    I T  A L L    S T A R T E D

If we go back to where it all really really started, we would have to take you to our grandfather's banana farm in a small rural area. This was for many years my dad's fixed vacation spot when school was over. Later on, our dad would take my sister and I to grandpa‚Äôs farm and we would have the best time in our tropical playground. 

We would run all day, get muddy, eat plenty of fresh fruits, catch butterflies, splash into rivers, go horseback riding, and just be free and happy. We are certain that those free and happy moments made us love and appreciate nature so much. It also gave us a sense of awareness of all the efforts every person involved in agriculture does.

Years later our dad managed to stay in the banana business with his own farm but changed from conventional bananas to organic bananas. This became the start of an eco friendly people friendly business. We learned about the many benefits of organic agriculture and focused on giving our farmenrs a fair and happy worklife.

Some years passed by and we developed to Dehydrated Fruits and eventually to Dried Fruit Snacks. We create Healthy Foods and we wish to be in complete harmony with our people and the enviornment. Like a Eco Friendly - People Friendly  kind of Life.